A Little About Me...

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At an early age I developed a love for photography. Once I became a parent, the once hobby became more.  My kiddo's lives have been well documented to say the least. My college years began at Montana State University and finished at Washington State University. I have a bachelor's degree in Food Science. The easiest way to explain food science is that it is the chemistry behind food. I am not a chef or a dietician. I once ate Cheetos on a hotdog smothered in ketchup and mustard. You may ask "What does food science have to do with photography?". Nothing! My college friends can tell you though that I was always taking pictures (and that was before digital cameras, cell phones, and social media). I was taking "selfies" long before they were the fad. 

Following college I spent 14 years in the food industry. Jobs included R&D at a cookie factory to Quality Manager at a bread company. During those 13 years I married my high school sweetheart and became a mom of 3. Through the years I have developed my photography skills and found that a hobby has become more of passion. I am extremely excited as I proceed through this next chapter and capture treasured moments for all time. 


I am a member of the Portland Creative List and Thumbtack!  




My cousin Becky fought breast cancer to the very end. She is my hero. 

My cousin Becky fought breast cancer to the very end. She is my hero.